Why does medication sometimes not work and this therapy does? New technology. More Plasma.

When the problem of erectile dysfunction is a long-standing problem (several years), even if medication is taken, the penis may become unaccustomed to erections and to the promotion of blood filling, the erection state will be weak, not firm or very short-lived. The fact that the erection lasts only a short time is really frequent and may even end before ejaculation and orgasm, ruining the sexual act. The growth factors contained in PRP therapy stimulate the formation of collagen fibres within the erectile tissue, which significantly improves the ability of the member to stretch in the face of high volumes of blood. How do I know if I need this treatment? The indications for this treatment include: Erectile dysfunction (ED). Peyronie's disease: a curvature of the penis that is acquired in adulthood and interferes with sexual intercourse. Congenital curvature of the penis. However, in this article we place special emphasis on erectile dysfunction, as it is one of the most common conditions in men, with many negative effects on the well-being of the individual and his partner. Now, if you are not completely sure about your condition, these following conditions may indicate that there is a problem with erection: Less sensation of sexual pleasure. Increased difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erect state. Flaccidity of the virile member comes before ejaculation. Couple problems due to poor quality sexual relations.

How can I prepare to get the treatment done?

This treatment does not require a great deal of preparation beforehand. The patient goes for a consultation with their doctor and evaluates the possibility of receiving the treatment. This is the ideal time to discuss the procedure: what it consists of, how it works, what results to expect, etc. On the day of the treatment, the patient can go alone to the medical centre or clinic (as it's a quick procedure that does not require observation or general anaesthesia). It's also recommended that the patient properly cleanse the genital area to facilitate the doctor's tasks. This grooming includes hygiene of the genitalia with soap and water.

What does the treatment with platelet-rich plasma consist of? Between 20-30ml each session.

First of all, it is important to clarify that the treatment of erectile dysfunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a fairly safe non-surgical outpatient procedure that does not require major preparation, general anaesthesia or days of physical recovery. The patient can return home after each treatment session and continue with their daily life without any inconvenience. The procedure consists of a series of steps that must be carried out correctly so that the treatment is risk-free and fulfils its main objective: to reduce and correct erectile dysfunction due to vascular causes. The patient comes to the primary evaluation to be examined by the doctor. There, the degree of erectile dysfunction is taken into account, the patient's personal and health history is taken into account and the appropriate approach is chosen. A certain amount of blood is drawn with a syringe, usually from the veins in the arm. The blood is centrifuged at high speed to isolate the blood components. A cellular fraction (red blood cells and leukocytes) and an acellular fraction (plasma). The plasma is extracted from the centrifuged sample and kept refrigerated until the time of injection. At the time of the procedure, the patient should come to the clinic with proper hygiene of the genital area. The patient is admitted to the clinic and the genital area is disinfected with antiseptic solutions in order to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum. Local anaesthesia is applied to the penis using non-invasive methods (anaesthetic creams, sprays, etc.). The doctor injects a certain amount of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and growth factors into each corpus cavernosum of the penis. Several punctures or a single puncture may be performed. This depends on the patient's needs. The patient waits for a few minutes lying down on the stretcher or bed and can go home.

What is the aftercare of the platelet-rich plasma treatment?

After treatment, the patient must take care of the hygiene and physical integrity of his penis. Being careful when showering or avoiding blows. In addition, it is important for the patient to be aware that the penis may become bluish in colour (bruising) after the PRP injection because some of the blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa rupture and release some blood into the interstitial space. These bruises disappear on their own after a few days.

Does PRP really work against impotence and why?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and growth factors is a novel treatment in the clinical management of erectile dysfunction but with amazing results. This treatment is based on the ability of growth factors (naturally contained in blood plasma) to stimulate the multiplication and growth of skin cells responsible for producing collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid. These cells are known as fibroblasts. Collagen and hyaluronic acid provide tissues with consistency, firmness and elasticity. They are an essential part of the wall of the many thin blood vessels that supply the corpora cavernosa of the penis, which are responsible for erection. In addition, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains a certain amount of fibrinogen and mesenchymal stem cells. These cells have the great property of promoting tissue repair and rebuilding of erectile tissue by improving the blood supply to the penis, enhancing contractility and increasing the release of nitric oxide (a chemical that relaxes the blood vessels and is responsible for maintaining erection).

What are the advantages of PRP over conventional ED treatments?

Although platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is less widely practised than others today, it's a highly effective, reliable, safe and advantageous treatment option for erectile dysfunction that is sure to be a trend in the future world of andrology and male sexual medicine. The benefits of PRP therapy for men with erectile dysfunction include: Increased self-confidence. Men who undergo this treatment report quite positive physiological and emotional improvements, such as increased self-confidence and sexual satisfaction. More powerful and longer-lasting erections. Erections achieved after platelet-rich plasma treatment tend to last longer, allowing the man to enjoy them until after ejaculation, not before. In addition, erections are perceived as stronger. Safe treatment. This promising medical technique is completely safe and there is no risk of developing serious complications such as allergies since the infiltrated material comes from the patient himself. No side effects. With conventional treatments (drugs, surgery, etc.), it's possible to encounter side effects that don't appear with platelet-rich plasma. For example, shortening of the penis or pain will never develop. Quick procedure. Platelet-rich plasma sessions to treat erectile dysfunction usually take less than 10 minutes, minus the time involved in drawing blood and preparing it. During this time, the patient can wait comfortably. Without surgery. Platelet-rich plasma is a great alternative to penile implant surgeries, which also help repair the root problem but with greater consequences. This is a minimally invasive technique that only involves inserting a small syringe into the penis. It's almost painless and fairly quick. No side effects. This cellular treatment does not involve the administration of drugs or any chemicals. All that is used is a plasma concentrate, stem cells that help regenerate the erectile tissues of the penis and growth factors that stimulate the regeneration of cells and collagen fibres. This repair provided by platelet-rich plasma in cases of long-standing or treatment-resistant erectile dysfunction is natural, from the site where the problem occurs: the vascular cells of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. It's not just another treatment to achieve and maintain erections, but restores the problem and the medium and long term consequences. The improvement brought about by this treatment makes it unnecessary to take medication such as sildenafil before sex or to use vacuum pumps (which are uncomfortable and can aggravate the problem). Natural repair. The side effects described are very mild: just a small bruise at the puncture site. It's a very safe treamtent. By using the patient's own blood, problems such as rejection or transmission of diseases from other patients are ruled out. This treatment complements other treatments currently available for erectile dysfunction, such as low-intensity shock waves. The patients who will benefit most are those with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, for example, men who use pills and don't achieve the desired effect. In medical practice, treatment of erectile dysfunction with platelet-rich plasma has few disadvantages over conventional treatments in terms of effectiveness and safety. The latter is especially useful when considering the many side effects of conventional treatments such as: Erectile dysfunction drugs. Erectile dysfunction drugs such as sildenafil or others such as taladafil or vardenafil have the disadvantage that they must be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


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