Mega Threads


One of the best absorbable threads with a durability of up to 2 years.


IMEBA® MEGA THREADS are a very minimally invasive treatment that simulates without surgery the effect we can achieve with a surgical facelift. When we talk about improving skin flaccidity and sagging of facial structures, we usually think of facelift surgery. In some patients it may be the only solution to improve this aged appearance. However, if the sagging is moderate and you do not wish to undergo surgery, there are non-surgical and less invasive solutions such as thread lifts. The tensor threads reduce the flaccidity in the skin of the middle or lower third of the face and even the neck area without fillers and without undergoing surgery.

The technique of thread tightening consists of placing very fine threads under the skin in the middle and lower part of the face and neck with small cones or knots on their surface. This texture means that once inserted, the thread has no return. Taking advantage of the traction in a single direction caused by the relief of the thread, the skin is tightened and stretched en bloc, bringing the skin to a new, higher position. The thread is then fixed to an immobile area of the face, ensuring that the thread does not come loose and maintaining the desired effect.

Advantages of IMEBA® MEGA THREADS for lifting without surgery

  • Immediate and natural results.
  • Adds projection rather than volume to the face.
  • It's performed under local anaesthesia and the patient is discharged immediately.
  • It's an absorbable treatment that can be repeated periodically.
  • It leaves no scars, just some small marks that disappear in a few days.
  • It can be combined with other treatments, such as anti-wrinkle treatment or hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • A more economical price than the facelift surgery.

How many IMEBA® Mega Threads are placed and where?

Normally four threads are inserted (per side), although depending on the patient's needs the number may vary and up to five (per side) may be required to achieve the desired effect. Neck, jawline, cheekbones and around the eyebrows are the areas where threads are most commonly used.

What are IMEBA® Mega Threads made of?

At Clinica IMEBA® we rely on Mega Threads. They are made of totally biocompatible materials, which are reabsorbed by the patient's own body. This way, your body does not reject the threads or produce allergic reactions. Also, as they are made with coaprolactone and polylactic acid, they stimulate the natural generation of collagen in the skin. IMEBA® MEGA THREADS can conceal the signs of ageing and achieve a harmonious facial contour. Without the need for surgery, they can maintain a youthful appearance. For this reason, recovery is also quick and the patient can return to work immediately. The duration of the effect of IMEBA® MEGA THREADS is temporary, but delays the need for a surgical alternative to achieve facial rejuvenation by several years. They are mainly useful for the correction of sagging and wrinkles in the nasolabial fold, marionette lines, or the neck.

Possible complications after placing the threads

Although the incidence of any complication is minimal, as any contraindication will be ruled out in the previous consultations, its application can sometimes cause complications:
  • Minimal swelling, oedema or infection.
  • Appearance of bruising or pain.
  • People allergic to biomaterials should not apply the threads.
  • They are contraindicated for patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding or minors.


990€/ 10 threads

Mega Threads Soft

(5 on each side for mid-facial and lower facial third)

1.290€/ 10 threads

Mega Threads Plus (stronger and longer lasting)

(5 on each side for mid-facial and lower facial third)

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