Facial Mesotherapy


Facial mesotherapy is used to prevent facial skin ageing and its most characteristic manifestations: wrinkles, blemishes, flaccidity, etc. It is also widely used for the overall revitalisation of the skin.

What does Facial Mesotherapy consist of?

Facial mesotherapy is a technique of skin rejuvenation and toning through the superficial introduction, under the skin, of specific products aimed at improving expression lines or improving the overall appearance of the face and decolleté.

The mesotherapy products we use at Clínica IMEBA® have rehydrating properties, such as hyaluronic acid, or nourishing and revitalising properties, such as vitamins or minerals.

Mesotherapy refers to when the introduction of specifically authorised drugs is carried out transcutaneously, by means of injections with a syringe and a very small needle.

The injections are virtually painless, but in particular cases where the area to be treated is more sensitive or the injected substance is irritating, topical anaesthesia in the form of a cream can be used.

Duration of the treatment

Although the treatment time may vary depending on the case, it is generally necessary to carry out several sessions, one per week, of 15 to 30 minutes each. In chronic processes such as skin ageing, maintenance sessions are recommended every five to six months.

You should know...

Facial mesotherapy is an effective treatment that uses very safe products in minimal doses, which is why it occupies a prominent place in the arsenal of preventive therapies for facial ageing in our clinic in Palma de Mallorca. Combined with other treatments, it can be used to combat some minor manifestations of skin ageing. In the treatment of some illnesses it can act, in some cases, as a complement to more complex therapies.


150€/ session

399€/ 3 sessions

599€/4 sesiones

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Los resultados finales tras los tratamientos de medicina y cirugía estética dependerán de las caracteristicas de cada paciente. Siempre debe haber un diagnóstico médico previo.

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