MASCUface is a treatment programme developed especially for men that gives the face a more masculine appearance. Many men desire a masculine face to the point of having a "dangerous face". This is achieved by means of specific areas to be treated. Feminine facial features are modified while masculine features are emphasised.

Prominent facial features, a prominent jaw and a pronounced chin constitute male attractiveness. For young men, MASCUface increases sex appeal. In the case of mature men whose facial features are affected by sagging, it rejuvenates and makes them look more vital (anti-aging effect).

Course of treatment

The MASCUface is based on an aesthetic concept that defines anatomical features in the facial area that enhance and reinforce a masculine appearance. It's literally about ideal facial features, because the MASCUface has to be performed differently on each man, i.e. it has to be adapted to each specific face in order to obtain a fresher, more attractive and masculine look, but never "retouched".
Since naturalness is of the highest priority for us, we don't consider typical treatment methods. Our treatment plan brings together an anatomical analysis, artistic vision and the extensively discussed wishes of each patient. In addition, it leaves room for further fine-tuning during the rest of the treatment.

If necessary, the individually tailored treatment is continued until an optimal result is achieved to the complete satisfaction of both the patient and the doctor. The effect of the treatment carried out by the IMEBA® Clinic lasts up to two years. The effect can be obtained and prolonged in time by additional treatments approximately every twelve months - with a reduced material expenditure and a corresponding moderate cost.

Duration of treatment: approx. 40 minutes.

Treatment outcome

The overall face looks more attractive, fresh and masculine - and at the same time completely natural.


Only with consultation.

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Los resultados finales tras los tratamientos de medicina y cirugía estética dependerán de las caracteristicas de cada paciente. Siempre debe haber un diagnóstico médico previo.

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