Ultrasonic rhinoplasty

What is ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting both aesthetic and functional nasal deformities using piezoelectric technology and can work with maximum safety, reducing postoperative recovery time.

This is one of the most demanded facial aesthetic surgeries nowadays, as it implies an immediate improvement in facial harmony and balance, with a quick recovery thanks to the use of piezoelectrics.

What is piezoelectric technology?

It is based on the use of a piezoelectric scalpel which, by means of ultrasonic vibrations, has the capacity to cut and reshape the bone precisely and safely. This device isn't capable of injuring other tissues such as cartilage, mucosa, muscle or blood vessels. In this way we are able to perform a rhinoplasty without the risk of injury to nearby tissues, reducing post-operative oedema and haematomas. In addition, it is not necessary to use postoperative nasal packing.

Which patients are candidates?

Any patient who wishes to modify the shape or function of their nose, from 18 years of age onwards and with no age limit.

Sometimes, if there are major dysfunctions or aesthetic problems during adolescence, it may be possible to undergo surgery from the age of 16 with the permission of both parents. More and more middle-aged adult patients (around 40-50 years of age) are deciding to undergo ultrasonic rhinoplasty, encouraged by the advantages of this technology. 

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Please ask for a consultation with our surgeon to get a quote. The consultation costs 60€, which will be deducted from the total amount if the procedure is performed.

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Los resultados finales tras los tratamientos de medicina y cirugía estética dependerán de las caracteristicas de cada paciente. Siempre debe haber un diagnóstico médico previo.

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